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Hamble River Warming Pans 2012 : Thumbnail browser / of pictures I took while on a RIB during the event. Mangled into a presentation by Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Round the Island 2011 : June 2011 Winning the GK24 trophy again in our fastest time

Round the Island 2009 :  June 2009

Internal Bluetooth module on Acer 5103wlmi laptop. September 2008.

Round the Island 2008 : even better winning the GK24 trophy. June 2008

BART : Late 2007:  an MCS51 task switcher and serial port driver written for SDCC.  Documented by Doxygen

Round the Island 2007 A vintage year : first GK24 over the line. June 2007

HP 141T Spectrum Analyser : the story of  my efforts to bring one back to life, and a few mistakes made along the way. Updated  January 2007.

SL5500 memory space  How to increase memory space on a Sharp Zaurus SL5500 . December 2006

(not) Round the Island 2006 Or how like most of the slower boats this year we didnt make it . June 2006

Mini Seacourse Autopilot
: This 1970's autopilot now has its own webpage. Updated May 1st 2006 with pictures of the dreaded  feedback string , and how it looks on a working  version. Also circuit diagrams , theory of operation and a parts list.

Craig Starkie @ Castle Oaks
 : Too much Guinness to drink ?  A bluesman is taken over by the Dark Stuff. The force is strong with this one.
For more see his band Bray Vista  (also see Bray Vista on MySpace)

Confession : Anchoring in Newtown River : 26th Feb 2005

Cookery : Strange recipes from the Kitchen : 26th Feb 2005

Not actually on this website but it is to do with me www.gk24.org : the GK24 website.

Calibration of Garmin GPS48 signal strength bars : Absolute signal strength calibration : Uploaded 13 July 2004

Round the Island 2004 : some commentary on our race.:  Uploaded June 29 2004

My Outboard Motor : the story of a not quite dead outboard motor : updated  June 23  2004

Ventnor Harbour:  Some pictures from Feb 2004. Uploaded June 2004

Getting FTDI DLLs to work with GCC under Cygwin. 20th May 2004

Stuffed by the Tide : new operating procedures to ensure safety on sailing boats, tidal race starts, depth sounder abuse. Updated with Dinghy Section 27th April 2004..

Seavoice RT225 Marine VHF transceiver : Channel programming overview  15th April 2004

Hauppauge WinTV PVR250 :  Ivac driver not found and other  stuff. Jan 4 2004

Deck views of Forethought, our GK24

Mudlarking : People interacting with Hamble River mud. July 2003
Hamble Fire Station needs part-time fire-fighter volunteers