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Hamble Rescue

Hamble Rescue celebrated its 30th Anniversary in 2000. Formed in 1968 by a group of local residents, fishermen and boating enthusiasts in response to an increasing number of accidents and fatalities in the Hamble, Southampton Water and mid Solent areas.
It is a registered Charity administered by a Board of Trustees and is not financially supported by the RNLI. Rather, it is responsible for raising the majority of its own funds locally. A Managment and Operational Committee under the chairmanship of Roger Harding and a Support Committee, chaired by Richard Curry, report to the Board of Trustees.
The fully trained crew team is about 14 persons. All involved give their services free.
[picture of Hamble Rescue RIB]
The latest boat, named Harry Childs, is the most modern and sophisticated marine Search & Rescue boat of its kind in the area. It is a Pacific 32 RIB powered by twin 330 hp IVECO turbo-charged diesel engines driving Castoldi 238 water jets. The boat is able to operate at a speed of 38 knots for a duration of 8 hours. By using water jets the boat can operate in shallow waters; having a draught of 1 metre and with a bollard pull of 2 tons.
Called out by HM Coastguard only, Hamble Rescue respond to over 100 incidents a year. Normal response time is 10 minutes from a pager call-out.
They look forward to your continuing support - you may need them one day!
They are currently collecting funds towards a larger boathouse on the Hamble Hard, as the present one is too small for the Harry Childs.

Their website is at http://www.hamblelifeboat.org.uk/