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Westbere Frostbite Sailing Association

[2 Laser dinghies sailing] The place to come for competitive but friendly sailing.

The Lake at Westbere just to the east of Canterbury, Kent in the UK is used for sailing by the Westbere Frostbite Sailing Association, membership of which is open to all prepared to pay its very nominal fees.
In 1999 a Walcon pontoon was purchased and installed. This is adjacent to the slipway and provides improved access to boats afloat in the water.
The lake of about 50 acres in extent is the property of R. Brett & Sons, who have licensed the WFSA to operate it. A large part of the area is a Nature Reserve, and sailing and angling take place all the year round in tune with the needs of the native and immigrant populations of birds and animals. Sailing, for dinghies only, is divided into two sections at the present.

  1. Winter: Sailing is mainly a series of races sailed on Sunday mornings with a high degree of competion. These races are contested by helmsmen from all round the coast of Kent, and the standard at the front of the fleet is up to Olympic. At the tail end, the standard is more like the average club sailor. Lone sailing is not recommended, since water temperatures can drop to freezing point.
    The water stays flat even in high winds .... [1 Laser sailing]

  2. Summer: Sailing is non-competitive, for those who enjoy messing about in boats, and appreciate the beautiful scenery. It is also the time when sail training can take place. Local schools and Sea Cadets teach youngsters to sail in the safe environment of the lake, and the sight of twenty small craft with their miniscule captains all manoevering round each other is worth seeing. Your family could also be taught to sail, or you could even cut your own teeth on the water. Assistance and tuition are available.


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