RIB Airbags and

Safety Hull Immersion Treatment

When using a high speed open vessel such as a Rigid Inflatable Boat  it is quite clear that there is very little protection for the occupants in the event of hitting a solid object at high speed.
We therefore propose two approaches to improvement in safety:  Between them they are estimated to improve safety by a factor of between ten and fifty times.

RIB airbags

RIB airbags These are fitted to the bow of the vessel, and provide over one metre of  air cushion for the occupants in  the event of an impact. They are kept permanently deployed with a fit-and-forget non-automatic system, as the effect of  salt water on sensitive electronics is well known. False triggers from wave impact are also a problem for marine airbag systems.
Any possible failure due loss of pressure can be easily diagnosed via a simple optical system.  We also avoid any stress or trauma caused by explosive inflation of safety devices.
A tall enough driver can still see forward and see obstructions at a safe speed of  10 knots or less.
Colour matching with the RIB tubes can be arranged to minimise the visual impact.

Safety Hull Immersion Treatment

In order to make the airbags effective we can also recommend a special hull treatment which reduces impact effects. It is made of a unique biological formulation which is totally compatible with the local environment.  Again it is fit-and-forget, the longer forgotten the better. In use, this permits the RIB to maintain a speed of under 10 knots without propellor cavitation. Any attempt to exceed this speed will result in the propellor spinning wildly for no increase in speed.
As impact energy is proportional to velocity squared, this is nearly ten times safer than the untreated hull.
In tests without air bags, the absolute maximum speed  achieved with difficulty surfing on the wake of a Red Funnel Ferry was 14 knots.
Prior to safety improvement, speeds of up to 30 knots could be achieved without difficulty.
The acceleration of the RIB is also much reduced, mitigating incidents involving falling on the throttle lever, owing to the contained mass of water in the hull to water interface.
The Safety Hull Immersion Treatment can easily be removed by mechanical action.

Market Introduction

This system will be introduced to the market when a manufacturer can be found, although the Safety Hull Immersion Treatment is already in long term manufacture.
We are going to be offering the Safety Pro version however, which utilises polymer propellor containment films in 2 and 5 micron versions to achieve even greater safety improvements. These can be produced complete with manufacturers logos at extra cost. Samples pre-printed with the word 'Tescos' are already available. Stronger versions fabricated with steel or kevlar are available for higher powered engines..

Environmental Assessment

A fuel economy change of well over 50% can be observed with these products in use.

Investor Statement

The presentation of a product on this page in no way represents the forward planning of the company.
The company is required by the demands of the market and its management and investors to produce the best product at the best time and this may not necessarily be it.
Investors are required to make full and complete assessment of the technologies involved before making any further approaches.
Investors must be aware that liquidation of assets into cash and then combination with oxygen at a high temperature may offer a better return in the long term than investment in certain products.

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