Our "Lost" Page


We have become fans of the ABC series "Lost" via DVD hire at Amazon, hiring the first disc of the first season. We have now bought all the DVD boxed sets and are on our way to watching them twice, the second time with the whole family, as we discuss the unfolding of the story , and the motives we currently understand, those that have been revealed up to the end of season 5.

We recently visited California and managed while trying to turn right out of LAX to drive south adjacent to the end of the runway and see the vacant lots where it looks like  the 'we have to go back' Jack and Kate scene took place.

Meanwhile we keep up with the fantasy LA of Fastforward. Thanks to Channel 5 for running this series in step with the USA.

DVD collection

The ceramic VW camper van bookends were sold by George Walter  of  Vintage Pottery
We found them on his stall in the craft tent at the Great Dorset Steam Fair 2009   alongside ceramic models of other classic vehicles. He had never heard of 'Lost', as it seems he mostly sells this design to VW owners, and we were surprised that the bookends were only 20.

Last Update November 2009