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Candy & Flossie asking for lettuce (.WAV , 16k sampled on Psion 3a hence buzz)

Candy was a black and brown guinea 'Abysinnian' guinea pig. Her front left quarter was brown, along with her nose and most of the rest of her was black. She weighed about a kilo. She was slightly lighter than her sister, Flossie. This is because she got to the food after Flossie even though we tried to be fair and split things evenly. She always lived indoors. See Guinea Pigs : general for details on her food, their housing and silly tricks.
She was called Candy because this time we wanted a 'fluffy' (candy floss) name for our guinea pigs. The last two males we had were called Kernighan and Richie ....

Sadly, on February 25th 2001 she died. She was about 6 years old.


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